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Team Clear

Our commitment to produce the world’s finest golf ball gets no stronger validation than having players, who demand the absolute best, choose our products.


The ball resonates quality at first touch and it performs beyond expectations during play. I see a remarkable and immediate competitive advantage with the Clear ball. I expect and look forward to many successful rounds with it this season. It is the most testing that I’ve ever done with a golf ball. I took every ball on the market and compared them. The Clear ball came out best in all sectors. The precision and the consistency were far better than any other.”



When I compete, feel and performance are all that matter

This golf ball goes above and beyond in both of those areas. It’s given me that much more confidence in knowing that if I execute the shot, I can trust this ball to do what I need, when I need it.

Demi Runas

Professional Golfer

This ball is the most consistent and best feeling ball I’ve ever played.

The stability of the Clear ball in the wind is phenomenal. The ball really holds the line. It projects better than anything I’ve ever played.

Skip Kendall

Professional Golfer

The ball jumps off my driver

It has accuracy and stopping power with my irons but it’s soft off my wedges and putter. I’ve made 4 hole-in-ones since I started playing the Clear ball.”

Sterling Sharpe

Former NFL player

It makes playing more enjoyable

The balls deliver superior long and short games. There’s a noticeable difference in flight, feel, and spin. Green side control is unmatched, long, and holds its flight and line like no other in the wind. The quality is unmatched.”

Jeremy Roenick

Former NHL player

The consistency and feel off the putter and irons are better than anything I have ever felt with any other golf ball

Longer, better spin around the greens, and a piercing ball flight that penetrates through the wind. It’s a more consistent, higher quality ball than anything else on the market.”

Paul O’Neill

Former MLB player