Membership - Outpost Club

Joining the Clear Team provides access to the world’s best USGA conforming golf ball. Members pay a one-time membership fee and receive a case of twelve dozen Clear golf balls along with a limited-edition Clear apparel package.

As part of the membership registration process, you will have the opportunity to select the Clear Red 3-piece ball, the Clear Black 4-piece ball, or a combination including six dozen of Clear Red and six dozen of Clear Black.

As a member, you will have the ongoing opportunity to purchase the Clear golf ball to replenish your supply. See more information below.

Ball Selection
  • Clear Red - If your priority is a golf ball that maximizes feel and control, without compromising distance, we recommend the Clear Red softer 3-piece ball.
  • Clear Black - If your priority is a golf ball that maximizes distance, without compromising feel and control, we recommend the Clear Black firmer 4-piece ball.
  • Combination - If you prefer to have the option to switch between a 3-piece and 4-piece ball based on daily playing conditions, please elect to receive six dozen of each ball.

  • $1,200.00