Our Story

Engineered for Maximum Performance

Clear was founded in 2014 by friends Garry Singer and Mitch Slater. Meeting on the green some 20 years prior, the pair bonded over a shared obsession: perfecting their golf game. As time passed and their skills increased, so did their understanding that your game is only as good as the equipment with which you play.

After selling their respective companies around the same time, an idea was formed: what if there was an expertly crafted golf ball with maximum performance for every step of your game?
One that matched the quality of your clubs?

Not Just an Idea, but a Game Changer

Tapping into their network of golf industry leaders and engineering experts, Garry and Mitch set out to create the world’s most precise golf ball. With a vision not bound by costs, materials or production output, the result is precision-crafted equipment and a new industry standard.

In a Game of Precision, There’s No Room for Error

In 2015, development, independent testing, and real-time data gathered from golf professionals and market experts began, giving way to Clear's elite proprietary technology and a manufacturing standard rivaled by no other.

Other sport enthusiasts quickly took notice, with world tennis champions Jon Venison and Ivan Lendl encouraging Clear to apply these same standards to racket equipment.

In 2017, Clear launched a membership program to get balls into the hands of only the most discerning golfers seeking peak performance and the maximum competitive advantage. As demand increased, Clear proudly introduced its innovative product line to the global market in 2019 with the launch of the Clear ES and Clear CS golf balls.

Tested on the World’s Greatest

In 2020, Charl Schwartzel became Clear's first PGA Tour Ambassador and the first major champion to eschew big box brands to work with a boutique manufacturer. Impressed by both balls’ impeccable design and strict minimized ball-to-ball deviation, Schwartzel collaborated with Clear to develop a 
ball specifically for his game.

Found in the Most Exclusive Clubs

In 2022, Clear became partners with Discovery Land Company, a US-based real estate developer and operator of luxurious, private residential club communities and resorts with a world-renowned portfolio of domestic and international properties. This strategic partnership introduced the Clear brand to some of the most exclusive golf courses in the world, and Clear is now found in pro shops and on the ranges at Discovery Land Company properties around the globe.

Noting a swelling interest in pickleball, Discovery Land Company's founder and National Pickleball League investor Mike Meldman spearheaded Clear's expansion to paddle sports. Overseeing development and testing himself, this partnership has been core to the development of Clear's pickleball paddles and padel paddles.

An Enhanced, Luxurious Sporting Experience

A crafted convergence of impeccable quality commitment and upscale lifestyle appeal, this truly luxurious sporting experience has made Clear an essential to professional athletes and a favorite of celebrities. With a dedication to game-changing innovation and meticulous design, Clear is fast transforming the sports equipment industry unlike any before.