Clear has combined a power zone enhancing shape design with patented
Dual Resonance Technology (DRT)
in our leading edge high performance tennis frames.

Precise power in every shot.

The internal patented system utilizes dual graphite cylinders in conjunction with a natural wood spine. These independent graphite cylinders create a separate, opposing shock wave. When the shock waves meet at the wood spine, they counteract and cancel each other, eliminating the harsh, negative impact of shock and vibration. The wood spine then transmits only the remaining clean, responsive, organic feel to the player’s hand. The structural stability of DRT reduces frame chaos and narrows deflective ball dispersion. The result is PRECISE POWER IN EVERY SHOT. The reverse teardrop head shape expands and moves the sweet spot to the “ball-strike” location, yielding better shots more often and with less effort.

Developed and tested by some of the best players in the world


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